Theater Designs

Media Rooms

Media Rooms are very popular today!  Primarly because it allows the family a great area for multi-purpose functionality.  Whether is be watching TV, movies, playing video games or the big game with the family.  One of our specialties is installing the components in a enclosed cabinet so the look of the room is not cluttered with A/V equipment.  With the use of a RF Universal Remote or a IR repeater system one can control the equipment without seeing it.

Outdoor Sound

At Architectual Video Systems part of our whole house music systems is Outdoor music.  Whether it be sitting on the porch or patio or out in the back yard there is no better place to enjoy some music or a ball game!

Specialty Stealth Installations

Today we work with several manufactures that their products allow for a stealth installation of your TV.  Sometime we are working with a custom cabinet maker and we disign a cabinet or inclosure that hides the tv and equipment.  We recently complete an installation with TVCoverUps.  Our customer chose to have a family picture above their fireplace.  With a touch of a remote control button the picture moves up my motors and exposes the TV for viewing.  Inside the cabinet a motorized mount then allows the TV to come out and pivot towards the view area in the kitchen.  Normally it comes straight out for view.


Another custom installation we recently complete uses a Mediadecor Media-Mirror.  This upscale area the customer didn’t want to see a TV hanging on the wall so we showed her Mediadecor’s products that has the TV hiden behind a beautiful mirror and frame.  When the remote is pointed to the mirror the TV turns on.  The magic mirror glass allow the image to come through.


We have work with another customer to design a custom surround for a 50” plasma TV that houses the left, center and right front speakers.  It looks like a finished piece of furniture.


Another piece of furniture is the cabinet that houses the TV and with a remote control the TV come up from within the cabinet.

Flat Panel Installs

Basic System w/ in-wall speakers

Installed 50” plasma TV with Phase Tech in-wall speakers and surround equipment in closet behind TV

Motorized mount

Installed customers 42” TV in a motorized lift cabinet

Re-designed cabinet

We removed a old rear projection TV and provided a new 55” Samsung TV with new AV components

Motorized Picture

46” Samsung LED TV with a TV Cover UP’s motorized picture that covers the TV when not in use.  Cable box and DVD in another room.

Custom System

Custom Cabinet with a 55” LG TV, Phase Tech Sound Bar and surround speakers, Onkyo Receiver, Sonos Audio to 6 areas in the home.

Custom Rear Projection

84” Blue Ocean rear projection screen with a SIM2 C3X Projector. Induction Dynamics Seakers

Complete System

55” Samsung TV over the fireplace with components hidden in cabinet on the right.

Reworked cabinet

Worked with customers carpenter to redue current cabinet to install a 55” Samsung Tf and Suround Sound Equipemtn

Complet System

7.1 Surround Sound Bar with Panasonic plasma TV.  All the electronics are in the cabinet out of sight!

Entry Home Theater

We worked with a home owner who was finishing his basement and wanted a big screen with projector Home Theater.  This system

incorporates a new Sony $2,000.00 projector and a Severtson 106” fixed screen.  We used Phase Technology in-wall speakers for a 5.1 surround

sound system.  It is driven by an Onkyo receiver and Sony BluRay DVD and a Dish Satellite receiver.  Equipment is housed in an Omni Mount RE18

cabinet.  Total system came in at $8,000.00.

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