Specialty Stealth Installations

Today we work with several manufactures that their products allow for a stealth installation of your TV.  Sometime we are working with a custom cabinet maker and we disign a cabinet or inclosure that hides the tv and equipment.  We recently complete an installation with TVCoverUps.  Our customer chose to have a family picture above their fireplace.  With a touch of a remote control button the picture moves up my motors and exposes the TV for viewing.  Inside the cabinet a motorized mount then allows the TV to come out and pivot towards the view area in the kitchen.  Normally it comes straight out for view.


Another custom installation we recently complete uses a Mediadecor Media-Mirror.  This upscale area the customer didn’t want to see a TV hanging on the wall so we showed her Mediadecor’s products that has the TV hiden behind a beautiful mirror and frame.  When the remote is pointed to the mirror the TV turns on.  The magic mirror glass allow the image to come through.


We have work with another customer to design a custom surround for a 50” plasma TV that houses the left, center and right front speakers.  It looks like a finished piece of furniture.


Another piece of furniture is the cabinet that houses the TV and with a remote control the TV come up from within the cabinet.

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