Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Technology Revolution


Technology Updates:


Technology Revolution!  Years ago we wired most of the Centex Homes and others with the UStec Structured Wiring System. Due to lack of interest or need, your home did not receive the upgrade options at that time.  Today there are many services on the market that use the internet to bring us our entertainment.   Here are a few of these services and devices that use the internet:  Xbox Live, Sony Play Station 3, BluRay DVD players & HD TV’s.


What are we talking about?

Today most families use the internet for their computer systems.   Many of us have more then one computer running at the same time!   Are your kids using the computer for homework?   Architectural Video pre-wired many of your homes to allow for multiple devices to access the internet at the same time.  That is the green CAT 5 wire in the cabinet that isn’t doing anything or we can come in and possibly upgrade your wiring.


What do we need to do!

We need to install some new jacks and a router to create a LAN (local area network) in your home.  Architectural Video sells several brands of HD TV’s (Sony, LG, and Samsung) that now have a web browser built into the TV or you can upgrade to a Blu-ray DVD player that also has a web browser built in.  These units are then connected to the internet to allow you to access movies, music and info!  Examples:


Netflix® Instant Streaming Ready •  Vudu™ (Streaming) •  YouTube™ •  Roxio® CinemaNow •  Pandora® Internet Radio • Picasa™ Web Albums •  AccuWeather®


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