Wednesday, February 06, 2019

What’s Hot!



We are in a Technology Revolution!  Are you ready for these changes!  Our choices for entertainment have taken a major leap forward.


I have been in this industry for 47 years this year and we have seen many changes, but none as exciting as what we are now and soon going to see!  The Internet is providing us with all types of content.


Sonos products are now allowing us to give you music in your home without wires!  Yes wireless music!  It is fantastic!  AM-FM radio crystal clear streamed over the internet as well as free and subscription music services.  It is like having a CD changer going all the time!  And now many of them come with Alexia.  A voice interface that allows you to request via voice music, weather and other info.


Just about every system we are installing today now requires an internet connection!  From the new A/V receivers from Onkyo, BluRay DVD players and the new TV’s can take advantage of accessing the internet for program sources.


I am prodicting that within 2 - 3 years a major change in how you view your TV programing.  Smart TV’s are here now from Sony, Samsung, LG that allow you access to the worldwide web for TV programs, movies and social networking.  For more in depth discussing please give us a call.  We love to help you understand this technology!!

Well it is here now with people streaming movies and TV shows from NetFlix, Amazon Prime and may others.  People are cutting the cord with their cable companies.  All you need today is a good internet connection!

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