Whole House Audio


Today the enjoyment of music in the home is a great addition to your lifestyle.  There are basicly two different systems that can be installed.  First is called a single zone system.  This means that everyone in the home will hear the same source in all the areas.  Usually there is a volume contorl in each room to adjust the volume. 


The other system is called a mult-zone system.  This allows either the same source played everywhere or the ability to select a seperate source to be played in different areas.  We usually have control pads that allow you to select the source and adjust the volume in each area.


Today with the internet we have a raft of fantiastic programing source; AM-FM radio streaming over the internet, internet music sources such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Napster, Sirius/XM and many more.  We are very excited about Sonos Multi-Room Music Systems.  Call or email us to get more information!


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