We started Architectural Video Systems in 1996 to pursue Custom Home Theater and other Audio/Video Systems!  Today we have expanded our services to include state of the art home networking, distribution of voice/data/and video. We are also involved in lighting control, central cleaning systems.


Gene Lent, owner, has been in the audio industry for over 39 years and is joined by his son, Steve.  We have additional staff that assists in custom programming of integrated systems, as well as basic installations.


Electronics is an ever changing entity.  Since my early teenage days when I was introduced to the fantastic world of recorded sound!  It fascinated me to the point that I pursued a degree in music with the intentions of becoming a recording engineer.  After spending three year in the U.S. Army Band Program where I further my education in electronics with a DeVry course in home electronics.  This led me into a career in the audio industry.  In 1972 I joined a high-end audio house in Cleveland.  There I developed a working knowledge of sound.  I met many of the industries founders and visited many of their factories.  It was an exciting time for this industry.  Later I spent time in the pro and commercial audio/video industry.  From there I went into the commercial security industry where I worked with access control, accessibility and close circuit TV products.  This lead me back to the consumer side of the electronics industry where I enjoyed working one on one with my clients developing their entertainment systems.

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